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How To Make Your House Smell Good

How To Make Your House Smell Good (3)

Other than keeping a house clean, it is mandatory for it to have a good smell. An appealing scent has a way of attracting visitors. It also gives the house a special feeling of tranquility and a happy mood. That is why it is needed to make your house smell good at all times.

Here is how to keep your house clean and give it a good smell.

• Clean the garbage disposal

One common thing that makes the house smell bad is a dirty garbage disposal. The sink should be clean at all times, and the disposal should be clean as well. To make this happen, you can pour dish soap down the disposal and then pour plenty of warm water straight after the dish soap. If the smell doesn’t stop, you can pour an amount of baking soda as you run water down the disposal.

• Keep the trash outside

How To Make Your House Smell Good (1)Another thing that could be making your house have a bad smell might be the trash can/bag. A lot of people tend to make the mistake of leaving the trash bag in the kitchen. You might not notice this, but it will give out a bad smell whenever you lift the lid. This happens especially if you are using the trash bag. To avoid the bad smell, keep the trash bag outside, or avoid disposing of wet trash in the bag. Dry content will not produce a bad smell.

• Use scented candles

You can also depend on the scented candles to give your house a good smell. However, you should not light them, for safety purposes. For instance, you can place some in the closet or where you place linen. This will allow the linen to absorb the candle smell, and naturally, the room will have the good smell. Of course, ensure that your laundry is clean enough.

• Place some plants

Bringing plants in the house doesn’t only beautify the home, but they also help to clean the air. Ideally, find plants with a pleasant scent. Some of the plants to consider include eucalyptus, corsage orchids, Cuban oregano, geraniums, gardenias, or Arabian jasmine.

• Enhance the air ventsHow To Make Your House Smell Good (2)

You can also use your car deodorizer and clip it on the metal slats of your vents. This way, the scent will spread in the room as air blows through the deodorizer.

Always remember that a well-scented house will be characterized with its cleanliness. For that, always ensure that the house is as clean as ever. That way, it will be easier to keep it smelling good. Also, avoid piling dirty laundry for long, because it can spread throughout the house. Maintain good personal grooming to help you boost the good smell.


How To Install Home Security Cameras

Before a burglary occurs in your home, the burglars must first survey the perimeter and find the most convenient entry point. Outdoor video surveillance cameras are a proactive approach to prevent possible intrusion before it happens.

Outdoor security cameras enable you to monitor your property line, ensuring you are always on alert of any possible dangers.

Here are some special tips on how to install security cameras outdoors in your home.

How To Install Home Security Cameras (1)

– Strategically Place Cameras

Take a walk around your home taking note of high-interest areas. This may include those areas with shrubs and trees, heavily trafficked, or the common point of entry in your home.

When installing your security cameras, mount them on your home’s exterior to keep them covert yet allowing a wide coverage angle. Tuck them away near pathways, doorways, basement windows and garages. These areas are ideal because you will be able to see who is leaving and entering your home, while having a full view of your property.

The best vendors will always point out to you the best spots for installing your outdoor security camera based on the design of your home.

– Consider Wiring

How To Install Home Security Cameras (2)Before installing the cameras, you should consider how the camera wires will run through the house.

Often times, you should consider entering the wire into the house from the basement of the outdoor camera. Running the wire along the exterior of the house increases the possibility of a burglar cutting it to tamper with the surveillance.

With the current technological improvements, you still have the option to go hardwired or wireless. However, if you decide to go wireless, you will still need a wire to connect you to a power source.

You can consult the services of a trained professional to assist you in this process. You can be sure to get the best recommendation on the optimal placement.

– Pair Cameras with LightingHow To Install Home Security Cameras (1)

Unless your outdoor cameras are night-vision capable, cameras become less useful in the dark. Pair your surveillance system with enough outdoor lighting to increase the potential of your camera for your optimal safety.

You can use a motion detection light that activates only when the sensor is triggered. This technological advancement will blend well with your outdoor security system. The motion light will enable you to scan your achieved video feeds easily since you can only concentrate on the moments that the lights were turned on.

Outdoor video surveillance cameras extend the reach of your security needs. Besides, it offers a more proactive approach to ensuring your home security.

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